Clear the confusion and your skin with Serum and Oils

Clear the confusion and your skin with Serum and Oils

Clear the confusions and your skin with Serum and Oils

If you are new to the world of skincare, you are one of those who are often found scratching their heads when it comes to the usage of serums and oils. (they look alike, feel alike and damn they are TOTALLY ALIKE) Well yes. They do feel and look alike. But serums and oils are two totally different skincare essentials that play their respective important parts in helping you get that dewy, beautiful, and clear baby-like skin.

Oils and serums are not often included in beauty regimes it’s because of their consistency, the importance of oils and serum can be known after they get along with our monotonous skincare gamuts like cleanser, moisturizer, and hydration creams, Sun protection, and foundation. They have been determined to create confusion when it comes to skincare affairs. Some questions may pop into our head related to usage, how much should we apply, how many times, etc.

Know the difference between Oils & Serums:

Serums and oils fall in the same category because of people’s perception, and the bottle is the same with a dropper for both of them.  But today, let us clear the confusion by breaking down their texture and properties. Serums are mostly water-based, not viscous inconsistency, and thin in form, an amalgamation of a few active ingredients, as the liquid settles and starts penetrating in depth which shows best-desired results, Serums are lauded to cater to specific skin problems directing dullness, wrinkles, and acne.

However, the consistency of oils is distinctive and touted to be much thicker with no water to nourish your skin with a smooth texture. These oils can be used as a substitute for moisturizer as it fulfills the need of the skin just like moisturizer does with even better results of keeping your skin soft with hydrating properties. Opt for the best serums to treat your skin by Swansi

Should Oily and Acne-Prone Skin Use Them?

Oils and serums don’t harm skin, you just enjoy the benefits of them on any skin type, try adding them to your beauty regime.  Every serum is unique in its own way you just have to identify the concern, for instance, a serum with clearing and brightening traits can slough off all the spots, and acne marks consequently by adding a few drops in your foundation or massaging onto your face thoroughly before bedtime.  On other hand, hyaluronic acid is an elixir to the clear and glowy face if adjunct to the skincare array. Simplify the process of boosting moisture in your skin with hyaluronic acid.  With hyaluronic acid bid goodbye to the appearance of acne on your face and slay with clearer skin!

All the facial oil provides acceleration in smoothness and softness, not only dry skin but it is beneficial to acne-prone skin as well until it is prepared with natural and exclusive extractions (chamomile ricotta )to leave no irritation and redness. Every skin delivers oil which is called sebum, and that helps your skin retain moisture and give fuller yet plumper skin.

Best time to apply serum and oil:

Serums and oil can be applied morning or night, a few drops in your palm, apt on your skin, neck, and collar bones. Serums are applicable after the cleansing sesh but pre moisturizing though oils can be worked as a moisturizer if you want to double down the smoothness, totally relying on what you want. Both serum and oil should absorb in the skin for 2-3 minutes, massage in a circular motion through eyes, cheeks, and for the head is suggested to attain the absolute upshot.

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